Natural Saffron Extract :

 Saffron Article

(Crocus sativus) [84604-17-1]

Saffron is a culinary spice that comes from the stigma of the crocus sativus flowers. The active constituents of saffron include saffranal, picrocrocetin, picrocrocin.

Saffron Extract is a specially formulated food grade extract of saffron that has been treated to enhance the natural flavour of saffron, without losing any of its natural properties. There is a reduction in the amount of saffron extract required for imparting the same flavour, as compared to dry saffron.

While the saffron leaves quickly stale and dry out, saffron extract does not lose flavour and can be stored upto 24 months. Liquid extract is easier to use and standardized in food preparations compared to dry stamens and can be dosed precisely compared to natural saffron. The extract is standardized for safranal and picrocrocin whereby it imparts consistent flavour at constant dosage unlike natural saffron.