Fraud Alert for Job Aspirants

Attention VAV job aspirants and applicants:

In a rapidly changing environment, our reputation remains our greatest business asset. We have built our reputation on the bedrock of nurturing values and ethics where integrity towards all stakeholders, both internal and external is of utmost importance. We are committed to living up to our values and hence there is no compromise made on the quality of talent we employ.

Please note that there are fake job offers being made in the name of VAV Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd.
VAV Life sciences does not take payment from candidates for employment purposes and will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage incurred as a result of dealing with such entities. Please also do not share your personal information to any unknown source without checking the authenticity of the source.

If you receive any suspicious or fraudulent offers, email us at with 'Fraud' in the subject line or contact us directly on
+91-22 22836802 Ext-32

All enquiries, requests, and questions regarding the authenticity and validity of job offers or interview confirmation mails being received by you, or by any external source, must be addressed to the above mentioned e-mail address.VAV as a group, issues this declaration to ensure that individuals will refrain from sharing personal information ,being lured into accepting such fake offer letters and or make any payments to fraudulent entities or individuals.